Welcome to the National Police Research Platform

The National Police Research Platform (hereafter referred to as “the Platform”) seeks to advance the science and practice of policing in the United States. This is achieved by introducing a new system of measurement and feedback that captures organizational excellence both inside and outside the walls of the agency.  The Platform is managed by a team of leading police scholars from seven universities, supported by the operational expertise of a respected national advisory board.

Phase 1 of the Platform involved developing and testing the feasibility of a new measurement system in more than two dozen law enforcement agencies around the country. Building on the success of Phase 1, the second phase (beginning in 2013) involves implementing the program with a diverse national sample of approximately 100 agencies, both municipal police and sheriff’s agencies.  The core sample includes agencies in the range of 100 to 3,000 sworn officers/deputies, but also includes a few smaller and larger jurisdictions retained from Phase 1, including Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles and Seagoville, Texas.